Training Made in Germany

The German Solar Energy Society - DGS was founded 1975 and is the oldest consumer protection society in the field of renewable energy technology and rational energy use in Germany.  The society holds more than 3.000 individual and corporate members within its network of 36 local and 7 regional offices throughout Germany.

DGS Thuringia

The DGS Thuringia’s goals are to promote the use of renewable energy and energy saving through:

  • Further education programmes
  • Information campaigns
  • Applied research and development and
  • Local, regional and international cooperation.

DGS Solarschool Thuringia

In 1996 DGS created the established Solarschool programme in Germany in order to support further education programmes. At this stage renewable energies and their potential to replace fossil fuels were not well-known in Germany. The idea of the DGS was to disseminate general knowledge on renewable energies to German citizens. By now renewable energies are well known in Germany. Therefore the Solarschool training focuses more on the training of professionals to increase the quality of the installed solar power systems. The DGS Solarschool Thuringia is one of 9 DGS Solarschools in Germany.

The DGS Solarschool Thuringia offers courses on the following subjects:

  • Solar Power
  • Solar Thermal
  • Biogas
  • Renewable Energy basics

DGS Solarschools world-wide

In recent years, the Solarschool training programme was transferred to other countries worldwide. In 2009 one Solarschool opened in Laos in Cambodia and another one in 2011 in Brazil. In the beginning of 2012 the maxx-solar academy was launched in South Africa offering Solarschool training. A further Solarschool programme is currently in the process of development in Bolivia. Since 1996 hundreds of engineers, architects, craftsmen and interested citizens have been taking part in the Solarschool courses worldwide. Overall, the training concept is successfully being transferred to other countries, while making adaptations according to local laws, regulations and customs.

Hands-on training programme

All training programmes are interactive and include panel discussions, as well as a variety of hands-on training materials, such as roof models for demonstration of the PV module installation, LeXsolar PV experiment kits and calculation tools, to enhance the understanding of solar electricity.

Education in schools

One of the unique approaches of the Solarschool is that beside the  specialized courses offered for professionals, it also provides  education programmes for children and teens through Energy Days and Energy Project Days in schools where the young participants learn about the use of renewable energy technology by conducting experiments and by playing energy games.