Partners and Sponsors


The maxx-solar academy started in Cape Town and is now based in five cities in South Africa and four countries in Southern Africa. The training courses are offered in co-operation with our local partners and are centrally managed by the academy team.

IBC Solar South Africa, the joint company of maxx-solar energy PTY Ltd and the German supplier IBC Solar, is the technology partner of the maxx-solar academy. Even though the trainings are entirely product neutral, IBC Solar SA supports the academy and contributes to the maxx-solar academy alumni programme.

The maxx-solar academy Bloemfontein is operated by Olivia Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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The maxx-solar academy Cape Town is operated by SARETEC - South African Renewable Energy Technology Centre.

The maxx-solar academy Johannesburg is operated by Resolution Circle - University of Johannesburg



The maxx-solar academy is an independent training institute.

Nevertheless we are happy to receive sponsored material from solar companies. Their material allows the academy to offer hands-on trainings with as much practical application as possible.