Rent an Expert: Easy PV GreenCard Assessments

The SAPVIA PV GreenCard marks a great progress for the PV industry but there are a lot of new regulations to follow. Training, assessment and registration are the quality assurance tools -all not rocket science but time consuming. To prevent losing jobs because your own accreditation isn't finalised yet, you can hire an accredited Assessor from maxx.

Robert Fourie and Mathias Weber are both SAPVIA accredited PV GreenCard Installers. Both have a lot of experience with solar PV and run their own companies. Upon request they are available to do PV GreenCard assessments. Robert is even a Master electrician so he can sign off an installed system by himself (no other elctrician needed).

We at maxx-solar energy have already registered a PV system on the PV GreenCard portal, so we are able to give you advice on how to fill out the forms.

Give us a call on 021 813 6561 if you are interested!

Robert PV GreenCard Assessor

Robert supervising a group of course participants.

15.01.2018 |

2018: The Year of Solar Training

New year, new courses: 30 solar training courses and assessments in 3 countries are already scheduled!

In South Africa, we are especially focusing on Cape Town and Johannesburg as solar training venues. We offer a SuperSolarSchool almost every other month. And as Johannesburg is an official SAPVIA PV GREENCARD Assessment Centre, there will be an Assessment after every solar training week. A new venue is Durban! After a successful start last year, the will be at least one more solar training in Durban. Alle dates and registration here: https://maxx-energy.arlo.co/za/upcoming-courses

In Namibia, the SuperSolarSchool will be mainly offered in Walvis Bay. New this year: The Sunrise Intermediate off-grid course, an introductory solar training for off-grid systems. This course will take place in Otjiwarongo to especially offer it to participants from the North who come from remote and off-grid areas. Later in the year, a 3 day off-grid Designer course also takes place. All dates for Namibia are available here: https://maxx-energy.arlo.co/na/upcoming-courses

In Zimbabwe, we will offer more courses than the year before! Due to the political situation the demand for solar training is higher than ever so we offer a lot of courses. After every one or two basic courses follows a Designer course as we already did in 2018. New this year: The first Technician course in Harare! We will publish the date soon. All available dates are online: https://maxx-energy.arlo.co/zw/upcoming-courses

Solar training participants Cape Town

2017 SuperSolarSchool graduates in Cape Town.

On the website and you don't see the courses in your country?

Depending on where you would like to do the solar training, you can select the region on the website. Click on the "Change my region" menue, select your country and you can see your courses.

To make a booking just select a course date and click the button "register" that is next to the course. Here you get to the booking page: https://maxx-energy.arlo.co/za/upcoming-courses

solar courses in Africa

How to find solar training in your country


15.01.2018 |

Solar Show 2018: Exhibit with maxx!

Rent 5m² individual space on our joint maxx booth at Solar Show 2018,  27-28 March in Johannesburg! Worry-free show participation and support from the maxx team guaranteed.

Solar show 2018

maxx-solar is attending South Africa‘s biggest solar fair, the Solar Show 2018, to present the alumni network, the academy and its consulting services. And because our alumni companies belong to our network we would like to share our space at Solar Show 2018 with you. Present your own company as one of 3 alumni companies at the joint booth or be included as gold or silver sponsor.

Here is our offer:

  • Exhibitor: 5m² exhibition space at the joint booth at R40,000 excl. VAT +++limited to 3 spaces!+++
  • Gold Sponsor: Active representation of your company by the maxx team at R15,000 excl. VAT
  • Silver Sponsor: Exposure at the booth and in the web campaign at R8,000 excl. VAT

15 % Early bird discount until 26th January! Offer details below.

The booth is themed as maxx | Island because it is a spot to meet and to do networking in a relaxed atmosphere.The Island invites visitors to have a seat and casually get in touch with us -the best way to get in touch with clients!

Download our pdf brochure Solar Show 2018 with all details here.

solar show 2018 offer

More highlights:

  • PV GreenCard corner with PV Greencard accredited maxx trainers Mathias and Robert as experts
  • Valentin Software (PV Sol) confirmed as 1 of 4 exhibitors at our Solar Show 2018 joint booth
  • Big evening networking event: Island party at the maxx booth with live music and free drinks
  • Pitch for exhibitors and sponsors during the Island party

PV GreenCard  Valentin Software

Booth design:

  • Corporate maxx design with space for individual logos
  • Sustainable and climate neutrally produced furniture by Werkhaus
  • Open and spacious design but individual meeting space for every exhibitor
  • Island bar: Welcome desk and cocktail bar for all visitors with free (non-alcoholic) cocktails for all guests and free beer and cocktails at the networking event
  • Vivian, Antje and Anne from maxx will be present all the time and assist with any kind of queries

Package details:

Exhibitor package - 1st class ticket to the maxx | Island:

  • 5 m² individual space on the 32m² maxx joint booth at the Solar Show 2018
  • Professional corporate booth design with space for your logos and brochures
  • All-round carefree package: Organisation, stand design and setup and logistics by maxx
  • Your company is listed as exhibitor on the Solar Show website and you’re included in the exhibition and web campaign
  • Digital visitor documentation incl. lead generation
  • Consultation on lead generation strategies at trade fairs by maxx
  • Optional: 30 min presentation slot on on-floor seminar (subject to availability)
  • Optional Extra: Development of print material

R40,000 excl. VAT - EARLY BIRD PRICE R34,000 excl. VAT

Limited to 3 alumni only.


Gold Sponsor - Let us represent you:

  • We present you at the maxx island: Business card and flyer distribution
  • 2 min pitch at evening event
  • Digital lead forwarding
  • Exposure in the digital and exhibition campaign

R15,000 excl. VAT - EARLY BIRD PRICE R12,750 excl. VAT


SilverSponsor - Exposure on budget:

  • Get exposure in the digital and exhibition campaign
  • One page company profile visible at the booth

R8,000 excl. VAT - EARLY BIRD PRICE R6,800 excl. VAT


To register, send an email to academy@maxx-energy.co.za or call 021 825 9713. Vivian and Antje will get in touch and confirm your booking. Exhibition space subject to availability and first come first serve principle for exhibitors.

15.01.2018 |

Join the first SAPVIA 5-day Solar PV Installer course


When:  26-30 June 2017
Where:  maxx I solar academy Johannesburg
Registration: maxx-energy.arlo.co/za/upcoming-courses
Content: see pdf data sheet or online course description


R12,000.00 excl. VAT

R10,800.00 excl. VAT (maxx alumni and SAPVIA members)


  • SuperSolarSchool participants are able to design, plan and quote for the installation of state-of the-art PV roof-top back-up systems and to install and operate them.
  • The SuperSolarSchool is in line with the SAPVIA 5-Day Solar PV Installer Course and thus the ideal preparation for the SAPVIA Solar PV Assessment.
  • The SuperSolarSchool and the successful participation in the SAPVIA Solar PV Assessment will allow you to apply for the QCTO "Solar PV service technician"


16.06.2017 |

FAQs on PV GreenCard

SAPVIA launched the new PV GreenCard on 26th May 2017. Here are the most frequent asked questions.

PV GreenCard

What is a PV GreenCard?

The PV GreenCard is a comprehensive document that qualified installers provide to their clients on the completion of a project. The PV GreenCard contains details of the installation such as, what sort of PV modules and PV inverters were used, as well a checklist of all of the necessary installation steps that were completed. This document can be used as proof of compliance for insurance, finance, and regulatory purposes.


What are the benefits of my solar system having a PV GreenCard certification?

The most important aspect of the PV GreenCard is peace of mind that your Solar PV installation complies with industry and international best practice and installers meet minimum internationally bench-marked quality and safety standards.


Why should I choose a PV GreenCard certified installer?

International solar PV experts have worked together with SAPVIA for over a year to develop the PV GreenCard training outline and material in line with the national Solar PV Technician Qualification. Successful candidates are issued with an Occupational Certificate as a Solar Photovoltaic Service Technician. There are more than fifteen tertiary learning institutions around the country that are registered to provide this training.


How do I find a certified PV GreenCard installer?

You can access a database of qualified and verifiable solar PV installers in your area via the PV GreenCard website www.pvgreencard.co.za


Who can issue a PV GreenCard?

A PV GreenCard can only be issued by PV GreenCard qualified installers who are registered with the Department of Labour.


How do I register to become a certified PV GreenCard installer?

Step 1 Join the SuperSolarSchool

The Super Solar School is a one week training developed by DGS (German Solar Energy Society) and align with the curriculum of the SAPVIA 5-day Solar PV Installer course. The course is the ideal preparation for the PV GreenCard solar PV assessment.

Sept 2 Participate in the PV Installation Assessment

Installers successfully completing the assessment will receive a Certificate from maxx-solar academy and SAPVIA and will qualify to be part of a SAPVIA endorsed installer database which also forms a key entry point to become part of the PV GreenCard programme. The 2 day SAPVIA PV Installation Assessment includes a theoretical as well as a practical assessment where candidates are required to mount PV installations on a simulated roof environment. The purpose of this assessment is primarily to ascertain competency of installers and vet their abilities in order to gain access to the PV GreenCard quality programme.

Step 3 Register as a SAPVIA PV GreenCard Installer

Once you sucessfully passed the PV Installation assessment your company can register you in the SAPVIA PV GreenCard database. Therefore, your employing company must:

  1. register under the PV GreenCard programme and
  2. add you as competent PV installer to the database

The registration form to become a PV GreenCard endorsed service provider can be accessed on the SAPVIA PV GreeCard page. It is important to note that your company will only be recognised as an endorsed service provider once you have enlisted suitably qualified PV installers.

Installers should hold an electricians qualification/ wireman‘s license, be registered with the DoL and have undergone and successfully completed the Solar PV Installation Assessment.

Step 4 Get promoted on the PV GreenCard website

PV GreenCard endorsed service providers will form part of the SAPVIA PV GreenCard online database. Once registered you will be exposed to potential clients via the search engine on the PV GreenCard website. The PV GreenCard will also comfort the client in your sales communication. With the PV GreenCard you are able to prove that your installation will adhere to latest technical as well as safety standards and regulations.

Step 5 Install legally-safe PV systems with the PV GreenCard

The PV GreenCard is a comprehensive documentation of your PV unit’s installation and used component. This is a voluntary industry quality declaration that encompasses the processes and procedures of the DoL’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) amongst others.

Where can I participate in the PV Assessment?

As per June 2017, there are two PV Assessment centres in South Africa:

  • Cape Town, operated by Green Cape and SARETEC
  • Johannesburg operated by maxx-solar academy and Resolution Circle

All dates for the Assessments in Johannesburg are published on our website: https://maxx-energy.arlo.co/za/courses/26-sapvia-pv-assessment

maxx-soalr academy trainer Philip Olivier after the successful PV Assessment. He is now with his company Olivia Energy Solusions PTY Ltd.  officially part of the PV GreenCard programme and one of the first certified PV GreenCard installers.

24.05.2017 |

Win a Sunny Boy 3.6 at the African Utility Week

maxx I solar academy, IBC Solar South Africa and SMA invite you to join the

German Day at the German Pavillion, Hall 1 African Utility Week

17 May 11:00-13:00

See the full programme here.

We will present the maxx/IBC/SMA network and the latest product development during our presentation:


Joint presentation of the knowledge and technology network made in Germany and launch of the Sunny Boy 3.0 – 5.0 generation

Mrs. Antje Klauss-Vorreiter, maxx I solar academy, Mr. Daniel Haitzler IBC Solar PTY Ltd., Mr. Thorsten Ronge, SMA Solar Technology South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Join the Launch and win a sunny boy 3.6

Exhibition pass for free - Register at http://www.african-utility-week.com/register

09.05.2017 |

African Utility Week Discount

Everyone how registers and/or pays for a maxx I solar academy course during the African Utility week will get the 15% AUW discount.

Registration for upcoming solar courses

09.05.2017 |

Now in Zim: Let's do solar together!

The maxx-solar academy is now in Zimbabwe.

In South Africa, the maxx-solar academy has already trained more than 1500 participants. Now the maxx-solar acacemy trainings are also available in Zimbabwe and on the 16th and 17th of February the first course will take place. Dave and Francis (see picture) will be your hosts and trainers.

The first course will be a Sunrise Intermediate off-grid course. A 2-day beginner’s course especially tailored for Zimbabweans:

  • Entrepreneurs,
  • new staff members of solar companies,
  • electricians
  • and ambitious job seekers

You are all welcome to sign up for training! 2 days of training, USD 300.00 p.p. excl. VAT, discounts for alumni staff members available.


Our trainers Dave and Francis both work for Sunergy, a Zimbabwean solar company. They have experience with off-grid systems, as well as larger PV systems.

Because it is the first course, we have even more support: Mr. Martin Pollack from South Africa owner of Treetops Renewable Energy Systems and Antje Klauss-Vorreiter and Vivian Bluemel from Germany who work for maxx-solar energy and the German Solar Energy Society will be attending the course and support the team.

Book and pay until 18 January and get 15% early bird discount!

Info & Registration online: https://maxx-energy.arlo.co/zw/upcoming-courses


PV is easy? For those who know, indeed!

But the perfectly fitted system requires a bit more than the skill to use any PV calculator on the internet: Sunrise Intermediate off-grid Course

Learn within 2 days what solar photovoltaic is about:

  • How sunlight is converted to electricity (hands-on exercise with training kits)
  • what is power, what does it do and how to connect cables
  • what types of solar systems and applications exist
    • how to distinguish quality and rubbish
    • what are the components of a small off-grid system and how to design it
    • how to install a small scale (95Wp) off-grid system (hands-on installation exercise)

After the course you will know:

  • which system is the right one for which client
  • what steps are necessary to plan and install a system
  • what are the main components of an off-grid system and how to match them

You want to become an expert? The Sunrise Solar Course is the basis to attend more courses, e.g. our Solar Power Technician or Designer Course. We will offer expert courses later this year.

Download our course data sheet for more information. You are welcome to also recommend the training to colleagues, friends and family!



12.01.2017 |

Sunrise Intermediate Course in Namibia

8 Namibians already participate in the first Sunrise Intermendiate Course in Namibia in October 2016. The next trainings are offered in March and May 2016.


The Participants especially liked that they "learned all basics of PV" and that they "got a comprehensive introduction in the world of PV".

05.12.2016 |

Learn how to Engineer PV Systems


Register for both courses and become a DGS Solar Power Designer. The Sunrise Intermediate Course forms the first 2 days of the Solar Power Designer Course.

Please register now for both courses to:

  • Perform site surveys,
  • Consult your customers to design the right PV system,
  • Design grid-tied PV system according the consumption patterns,
  • Select the system components, and auxiliaries,
  • Prepare a feasibility study and quotation for roof-top, grid-tied PV systems.
  • get 10% discount

05.12.2016 |