Super Solar School (28 July to 01 August 2014)


Three courses in one week (28 July to 01 August 2014)

The Super Solar School is a one week training which includes the following 3 courses:

Solar Power Sunrise Intermediate Course,

Solar Power Technician Course,

Solar Power Designer grid-tied Course,


Course objective (Applicability): 

Introduces the basics of solar power/photovoltaic and allows one to install and maintain grid-tied photovoltaic systems in accordance with international standards as well as teaches one to be able to design, plan and quote for the installation of state-of the-art PV roof-top systems.

This training will provide you with the knowledge and network to start and professionalise your solar energy business.

Entry Requirements: None

Main topics: 

Electro technical basics (series, parallel connection, current, voltage and their influence on yields, I-V-characteristic curve), PV system concepts (stand-alone, grid-tied, back-up), PV plant components and data sheets, site survey and customer consultation, design of a small grid-tied PV plant, economical efficiency, legislative issues and quality assurance (e.g. RAL GZ 966).

Site preparation, tools and equipment, basics of grid-tied PV system installation, commissioning and maintenance, joint installation of a training PV system and post installation (routine inspection, data capturing, troubleshooting).

Planning and design of grid-tied PV systems, calculation of roof-top PV systems with and without simulation programs (6 week software license included), fault finding and quality assurance.

Duration: 5 Days (44 Education units)


Early bird:

R8000 (excl. VAT), pay and register before June 20th 2014.

R10000 (excl. VAT), for all later registrations

Take the opportunity and register  now.

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Have a look on this interesting information:



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Disadvantages of solar power

Only downside of solar is that the sun does not shine at night



  • Green and sustainable energy is the fastest growing industry in the world
  • South Africa is the world's most attractive emerging country for solar power
  • The maxx - solar academy has already trained over 550 people in South Africa

Master your life and future by mastering the sun

Join the fastest growing growing industry

in the most promising Country in the world


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Course Schedule for 2014

Course Schedule for 2014

We still have free seats in the next week Cape Town Courses.

We offer a 15% discount off the course fees for participants who register for 3 courses at the same time!

Solar Power Sunrise Intermediate Courses, R2500 p.p. (excl. VAT)
Cape Town: 06. to 07.08.2014
Durban: 02 to 3.04.2014 and 16 to 17.07.2014

Solar Power Technician Course, R2500 p.p. (excl. VAT)
Cape Town: 15. to 16.05.2014
Johannesburg: 26. to 27.06.2014

Solar Power Designer grid-tied Course, R4500 p.p. (excl. VAT)
Cape Town: 13. to 14.05.2014 and 20. to 21.10.2014
Bloemfontein: 27. to 28.10.2014
Durban: 23. to 24.10.2014

Super Solar School (1 week 3 courses), R8000pp* (excl. VAT)

Johannesburg: 28.07. to 01.08.2014

*early bird special for registration and payment  until June 20th


Take the opportunity and register now.

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The maxx-solar academy Bloemfontein harvests the sun

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February also saw the first Solar Power Technicians course in Bloemfontein together with Olivia Energy Solutions.  In this two day course students assembled and installed the first SolarEdge system in Bloemfontien!!  Hands on training and a day in the beautiful Bloem sun made this course extremely enjoyable for all.

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The maxx-academy Johannesburg had a awesome start in February 2014

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In February 2014 maxx-solar academy and Resolution Circle (at the University of Johannesburg) held an awesome Intermediate course on Photovoltaics. Demand for another Course has been so high that we have included an additional course on the 5th and 6th May – just ahead of the Solar Power Designer  course for grid-tied systems (8th & 9th) with German PV design master Dr. Matthias Klauss (More Course info here - click here to register).

“Great training course! Worth the investment in time and money”
Johann Fritz

“The courses I attended were wonderful and I am looking forward to the next course.“
Charles Edmeades

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the intermediate course and look forwards to furthering my knowledge”
Daniela Venzo

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Master the Sun - sunrise intermediate course in Johannesburg


Join us on the 17th and 18th for an introductory experience into one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

The maxx-solar academy is South Africa’s premier training institute for photovoltaic energy with training already established in Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein. The Academy is founded by the oldest renewable energy organisation in Germany (DGS) and presented in Johannesburg through Resolution Circle (an initiative of the University of Johannesburg).

Some of the solar secrets that will be uncovered…

  • How do solar power systems work?
  • Is solar energy cost competitive with the grid?
  •  Lessons learned from more than 20 years of experience in Germany
  • Global and local developments in photovoltaic energy

Date: Monday to Tuesday, 17 and 18 February 2014

Venue: Resolution Circle Nano - Studio, UJ Kingsway Campus (S26°11.064 E28°00.009)

Costs: (R2500 p.p. Ex VAT) please register ASAP to avoid disappointment

Course description



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Solar Power Trainings in February 2014


The first Solar Power Sunrise Intermediate Course of 2014 will be offered from the

17th to 18th February 2014 in Johannesburg, R2500 (excl. VAT)

This course is the foundation for all further professional courses at the maxx-solar academy.

Solar power is a rapidly growing market in South Africa and with the maxx-solar academy you are able to join the fastest growing industry in the world - gaining knowledge and insight from German market leaders in solar energy.  

Three courses: Solar Power Sunrise Intermediate, Solar Power Technician and the Solar Power Designer grid-tied will provide you with the knowledge and network to start or professionalise your solar energy business.

We offer a 15% discount off the course fees for participants who register for 3  courses at the same time!

Take the opportunity and register for the availible courses now:

Solar Power Sunrise Intermediate Course,

17th to 18th Februaruy 2014 in Johannesburg, R2500 (excl. VAT)

Solar Power Technician Course,

20th to 21st Februaury 2014 in Bloemfontein, R2500 (excl. VAT)

Solar Power Designer grid-tied Course,

08th to 09th May 2014 Johannesburg, R4500 (excl. VAT)



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New Courses 2014


The maxx-solar academy is proud to annound that as of 2014 its world class trainings are now availible in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban!!

The maxx-solar academy offers the following 8 courses in 2014:

  • Sunrise Beginners Course (only on request)
  • Sunrise Intermediate Course
  • DGS Solar Power Technician Course
  • DGS Solar Power Designer grid-tied
  • DGS Solar Power Designer off-grid (new)
  • DGS Solar Power Designer – PV Farm
  • DGS Solar Power Consultant Course

Information provided in the Sunrise courses establishes the basic knowledge needed for the professional DGS courses. At the same time a first insight in the world of solar power is provided.

All participants of the professional courses have to attend the Sunrise Intermediate Course or alternatively write an entry exam focusing on the content matter of the Sunrise Intermediate Course.

The Professional Level 1 courses provide a detailed insight in one specific subject of the world of photovoltaics.

The Professional Level 2 courses are expert courses for those who want to master of the world of photovoltaics to become a consultant, project manager or trainer.

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Costs and discounts


We offer special discounts for:

  • those participants who register for different courses at the same time
  • members of the maxx-solar club and
  • for group registrations

For details please see the costs and discounts page.

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