Solar Power Trainings in October/November 2013


You want to understand how to use solar energy?
You want to learn how solar power systems work?

The maxx-solar academy sunrise courses answer those questions and give you and introduction in the solar power sector. In October and November 2013 you can participate in the Sunrise Beginners and Sunrise Intermediate Course in Durban (8-10 October), in Bloemfontein (21-23 October) and in Cape Town (6-8 November).

Do you also want to to design, install and operate solar power plants?

After your participation in the sunrise courses you are ready to participate in the professional courses. In our  professional Solar Power Technician  course in Durban (16-17 October) and Solar Power Designer courses in Durban (14-15 October) and Bloemfontein (25-26 October) you will learn how to install and design roof-top solar power (photovoltaic) systems. After the participation in the professional courses and the related examination you are ready to work  the solar power business.

Join the maxx-solar academy and register for the October/November courses.

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maxx-solar academy Cape Town - New Branch offers trainings in November 2013


Frikki O'Connel from the College of Cape Town was involved already in the first steps the maxx-solar academy did in South Africa. Already 2012 a memorandum of understanding was signed between both organisations. The maxx-solar academy and the College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus, agreed to cooperate in the field of education in the solar power sector.

Up to know all maxx-solar academy courses in Cape Town were performed at the College of Cape Town, Pineland Campus. From now on the College of Cape Town, Pinelands Campus, acts as maxx-solar academy Cape Town and offers the Sunrise Courses with local lecturers. College teachers participated in a train the trainer programme of the maxx-solar academy and the college is building up a special solar power workshop, where the trainings will take place in the future. "Our team is ready to offer the maxx-solar sunrise courses and thanks to the solar power system we got donated from the maxx-solar energy PTY. (Ltd.) and the new workshop our college built we have excellent facilities to train future solar power experts." said Frikki O'Connel from the College of Cape Town.

The first solar power beginners (sunrise) courses of the maxx-solar academy Cape Town are scheduled for 6 to 8 November 2013. Please register here to save your participation.


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maxx-solar academy Bloemfontein - New Branch offers trainings in October 2013

Inside Shop

The maxx-solar academy started its cooperation with the OLIVIA Energy Solutions PTY (Ltd.) 2012. The maxx-academy team gave a tailor-made training to the OLIVIA co-workers and partners. The first training showed the high demand in the region, wherefore OLIVIA and the maxx-solar academy team came up with the idea to open the maxx-solar academy Bloemfontein. The premises of Olivia are an ideal show room for maxx-solar academy courses as the participants can see a variety of solar power equipment, such as different modules, inverters and mounting systems. A training roof and a small off-grid system complete the hands-on training material.

Philip Oliver, the CEO of OLIVIA, participated in the maxx-solar academy train the trainer programme. Philip thinks that "the maxx-solar academy Bloemfontein is an important element for a sustainable development of the solar power sector in Free State". Philip as experienced lecturer with multi-year working experience in the solar power business will head the maxx-solar academy Bloemfontein and will be the main lecturer for the Sunrise courses.

The first solar power beginners courses of the maxx-solar academy Bloemfontein are scheduled for 21 October (Sunrise Beginners Course) and 22 to 23 October (Sunrise Intermediate Course). The first professional Solar Power Designer course with Dr. Matthias Klauss as lecturer is schedules subsequently for 25 to 26 October. Participants who book all three courses together get the special rate of only R 6,500.

Please register here to save your participation.

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Solar Power Training - Dates and Locations in April

The April training dates are available:

Trainings in Durban:

10.04.13 - Sunrise Beginners Course

11.04 to 12.04.13 - Sunrise Intermediate Course

15.04 to 16.04.13 - Solar Power Designer Course

Trainings in Cape Town:

18.04 to 19.04.13 Solar Power Designer PV Farm Course

22.04 to 23.04.13 - Solar Power Technician Course

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Solar Power Training in Durban – March 11th to 13th 2013

Matthias Klauss unterrichtend

Maxx-solar academy is announcing the next round of courses. After having a very successful training week in Pretoria, the academy is offering now the Sunrise Beginner and Intermediate course in Durban. The 3 day program covers the following topics:

  • What are Renewable Energies and which role do they play in the world and South Africa?
  • Photovoltaic- one way towards decentralized power supply?
  • Can Photovoltaic supply electricity to everyone?
  • Is Photovoltaic cost effective?
  • Is there a market for photovoltaic in South Africa?
  • What is the technology and principle behind Photovoltaic?
  • Grid – or off-grid system – What is the way to go?
  • What are the different components and functionalities of Photovoltaic systems?
  • How to design a photovoltaic system?

The course is targeting newcomers in the field of Photovoltaic, decision makers who need a broad overview in Photovoltaic and everybody who wants to attend the more advanced courses such as electricians, technicians, installers, engineers and architects.

Our training programmes are very interactive. A variety of hands-on training material (roof model for demonstration of the PV module installation, photovoltaic experimental kits, calculation tools and panel discussions) facilitate the understanding of solar power generation.

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New Courses 2013

The solar-maxx academy has restructured its courses in response the requirements identified during our 2012 work in South Africa. The maxx-solar academy offers 6 courses, 2 introductory (certified) courses and 4 professional (accredited) courses. The 2 introductory Sunrise Courses were developed to provide its participants the basic knowledge needed to participate in the professional courses but also to give a first insight in the world of solar power.

We are pleased to announce the next course dates in January and February 2013.

Sunrise Beginners: Durban: 30.01.13

Sunrise Intermediate: Durban: 31.01 to 01.02.13

Solar Power Technician: Durban: 06.02 to 07.02.13

Solar Power Designer: Durban: 04.02 to 05.02.13


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Solar Power Courses in October and November

The next courses at the maxx-solar academy have been announced. Register now to secure your seat. The maxx-solar academy offers 3 different programmes developed especially for the growing South African solar power market. The training programmes are very interactive. A variety of hands-on training material (roof model for demonstration of the PV module installation, photovoltaic experimental kits, calculation tools and panel discussions) facilitate the understanding of solar power generation. The DGS Solar Power Consultant and Technician courses are for beginners while the expert course is for participants who successfully passed the beginner courses or for engineers, planners and architects which already work in the solar power business. All 3 courses are offered in October and November this year.

DGS Solar Power Planning Expert – 7th to 9th Nov 2012 in Cape Town

Course participants will learn how to design, plan and tender for the installation of state-of the-art photovoltaic systems.

DGS Solar Power Consultant - 29th to 31st October 2012 in Pretoria

Course participants will learn how to professionally advise clients. They can select the best solar power systems for the respective clients and calculate its profitability.

DGS Solar Power Technician - 3rd till 4th November 2012 in Pretoria

Course participants will learn how to install and maintain photovoltaic systems in accordance with international standards.

Information and Registration

Detailed information about the courses you find in the respective links above.

You can register for the courses at: http://www.maxx-energy.co.za/registration.html.

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101 satisfied participants in 8 training courses is a good start

In July and August the maxx-solar academy offered training courses for technicians, consultants and experts in Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Pretoria. The course content met the expectations of all participants. They especially liked the training of the photovoltaic basics, the technical background. All participants appreciated the theoretical and practical knowledge of the lecturers. The participants valued the knowledge of the trainer as very high and enjoyed the variety of practical examples as well as the talk regarding “Lessons learned from Germany”. One participant said: “Well presented and explained by someone with enough knowledge to answer each question and thoroughly”.

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Rooftop Solar PV applications takes off in South Africa

Vodacom South Africa’s number one cellular network operator has announced that  it will fit  its Century City in Cape Town office with the largest array of solar panels on a single building in Africa.The project, a 500kWp which is expected to be completed in August, comprises of  installation of about 2 000 mono crystalline solar panels onto SolarWorld Sundeck and 100% recycled Suntabs roof sheeting over a 3 600 m² area. The solar array is expected to produce about 75% of the 650 kWp power requirements of the building during peak production. The solar roof  will yield an expected energy saving of about 830.1 MWh a year – the amount of power it would take to charge over 70-million cellphones a year.It is important initiaves like this one  that will help ensure a clean, strong and reliable energy system for the future.

This great stride will encourage other companies and  property owners to get involved in producing clean energy – that not only helps to boost economy, but it also helps boost overall demand for Solar PV courses and related green training. maxx- energy welcomes these new developments. Consumers willing to use maxx - energy solar's rooftop PV applications can actively partake in the emerging green energy economy thereby contributing to a healthier environment and creating more alternative energy jobs.

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2012 International Year of Sustainable Energy For All

/---/UN Secretary‐General Ban Ki‐moon at the recently held Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development announced actions and commitments in support of the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All initiative towards achieving three objectives –;

  • ensuring energy access,
  • doubling energy efficiency
  • doubling the share of renewable energy – all by 2030.


More than 50 Governments from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Small Island Developing States have engaged with the initiative and are developing energy plans and programmes. Businesses and investors have committed more than $50 billion to achieve the initiative’s three objectives. More than one billion people will benefit from Sustainable Energy for All’s public and private sector commitments.

Access to energy, particularly sustainable energy, is indistinguishable from a sustainable future for the developing world. Not only does access to energy transform the lives of the energy-poor by raising living standards, it also:

  • enables income generation – for example, through solar pumps for irrigation or electricity for a small business;
  • provides power to community health clinics, and refrigerators to store medicines, as well as cell phones, which have transformed commerce;
  • reduces the time and drudgery of collecting fuel wood, supporting cleaner, more efficient cooking and heating options;
  • provides lighting, so children can study after dark;
  • enables businesses to operate and creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs

For more info visit www.un.org/futurewewant

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