Entry Exam for the Sunrise Intermediate Course

The Sunrise Intermediate course is a prerequisite for the professional courses. However, we do offer an entry exam focusing on the subjects of this course. This could be an option for those who already have professional experience in solar power.

We strongly recommend everybody to come to the sunrise courses. The participation in this course is essential as basis for all the next courses. We divided the original designer course in 2 parts, the intermediate course and the designer course. We had to divide the courses as most of the participants come to both the designer course and the technician course, which actually have similar basics. Thus, you miss half of the course if you opt for the entry exam.

Please use the contact from to register for the entry exam.


Exam for the Professional Courses

The exam paper is send to the participants as pdf. Participants are free to answer the question in the way which suits them best. Print it, fill it, scan it and send it back to us or one can even write the answers in a new word document.

The idea of the exam is to apply the knowledge gained during the maxx courses and while working in the field. This should give you a very good feedback where you stand when it comes to PV, at the same time it should ensure your expertise and knowledge and show you where you have potential gaps you need to work on in future.


  • The exam takes place the last weekend of June and October
  • Registration have to be completed 2 weeks before the exam by transferring the exam fee to the maxx-solar academy account (family name as transfer description).
  • Exam:
  • Friday, 1pm we will send you the exam by email
  • Sunday, 3pm you will send the exam back to info@maxx-energy.co.za
  • Participants have the entire weekend to answer the question, but it should not take you more than 2h.

What are you allowed to use during the exam?
Anything from books, PC, calculators, your training material.

Fee: R684 (R600 exl. VAT)