Solar Power Technician

Course objective (Applicability): DGS Solar Power Technicians are able to install and maintain grid-tied photovoltaic systems in accordance with international standards.

Entry Requirements: Participation in the Solar Power Sunrise Intermediate Course or entry exam focusing on the subjects of this course.

Outline: The DGS Solar Power Technician is targeting participants coming from the building or electrician business who either wants to expand their field of expertise or looking for a complete new professional working environment. The participants will learn how to install roof-top PV systems. Different modules, mounting systems and installation options will be discussed and hands-on experience will be gained.

Main topics: Site preparation, tools and equipment, basics of grid-tied PV system installation, commissioning and maintenance, joint installation of a training PV system, post installation (routine inspection, data capturing, trouble shooting)


  • Technicians and installers with basic knowledge on PV principles gained e.g. in the Solar Power Sunrise Course

Duration: 1,5 Days (12 Education units)

Fee: R3,300.00 (excl. VAT) per person

Fee: 2,000.00 L.E.(excl. VAT) per person


Registration and Schedule