Maxx Train the Trainer

Course objective (Applicability): DGS Trainers are accredited to train within the maxx-solar academies.

Entry Requirements: Participation in the Sunrise intermediate course and minimum one professional course.

Outline: maxx-solar academy trainers have to go for the DGS trainer examination which contains 3 different exams:

  • Written exam of the professional course they want to teach,
  • Oral exam – teaching practice (participants develop one training unit of the course for which they want to get a trainer accreditation and present it during one training shadowed by an DGS trainer)
  • Home work - Documentation of one PV system according RAL GZ 966

Only those who achieved minimum result of 90% will get the DGS trainer certificate and are allowed to train alone. Those who get between 75 to 90% will get a DGS trainer assistant certificate and can repeat the exam to become a full trainer.

Duration: 1 week

Fee: R10,000.00 (excl. VAT) per person, including examination, certificate, handouts and 1 year full version of the “IBC PV Manager". Individual agreements can reduce the fee.

For further information please contact us and provide your CV.